Online success for insurance intermediary

Complete clarity on what to do online. The tried and tested marketing method for the insurance agency generates turnover, fulfils the duty of care and presents a clear marketing strategy for your agency.



Duty of Care



How do you do that?

- How do you attract attention?

- How do you reach customers at the right time?

- And what should your website look like?

- How do you sell insurance online?

- How do you automate the duty of care?

- How do you create fans?

- What do you say on social media?

- And how do you keep it really relevant?

Our six-step method provides clear answers to all questions.


1- Start with the basics

Together, we first determine a clear message. That attracts attention. And that's why we know what is needed for success. A good story appeals and creates recognition. We use the proven 7 elements of the online giants to do this.

2- Translate Internally

You know the ones: a nice advertisement with a nice promise, but in practice it turns out to be nonsense. That is a waste of money. Your story must also be true inside. We take care of that. Also for the field staff. And we prepare for online quote requests.

3- Build the sales funnel

A good set-up means thinking in the form of a sales funnel; from 'cold lead' to customer. Your website is an important part of this, with an elaboration per product or service.

4- Generating leads

Business and/or private customers need to find you online. We do this with the 'spider web method'; an efficient approach that ensures repetition and recognition. But without being intrusive.

5- Warming up leads

You cannot usually ask for the order straight away. The customer wants to get to know you first. That used to be called Account Management. But we are going to automate that too. So that when the insurance is needed, the customer thinks of you first.

6- Sales Campaign

Cold leads become warm leads. A good campaign translates these leads into turnover. But existing customers can also be approached to keep their data in order (duty of care) or to generate up-sell opportunities.



A Captivating Story...

A good story is the foundation of online success. It contains 7 components that ensure a story can really grab you. From the story, all other components fill themselves in.


Building the Online Machine... 

With the story as a basis, all components of the sales funnel can be developed. Everything is reviewed and tested.


Starting and Processing Applications...

The Online Machine approaches both existing and new customers. Policy modifications and applications will follow. After this, the next steps in digitalisation of the office can be plannend.

"Insurance is not the most appealing product. It therefore requires a different online approach. Bengrip's six-step method builds the umbrella that shows you all necessary steps. It immediately becomes clear what an insurance agency should and should not do on the Internet."
Joop korver
Strategic Advisor Insurance


Marketing is repetition, especially in insurance. And if you do it well, the customer thinks of you when it comes to insurance. That repetition must be about a very clear and simple message. And that's exactly where our starting point lies. We start by building a cast-iron story together. A story that consists of the proven 7 components for successful attention-grabbers. And once you have that clear, the entire marketing process falls into place. Translated with (free version)Vervolgens zullen we er alles aan doen om dat verhaal te vertalen naar alle concepten van je bedrijfsvoering. Dat gaat dus allemaal helpen bij de herkenning. Vanuit daar bouwen we aan de online verkooptrechter. Dit bestaat uit de website, manieren om aan leads te komen en de bouw van verkoopcampagnes.

You are already an active player online?

Good initiatives should certainly not be discarded, but the trick is to make all initiatives consistent. Marketing is repetition. And your customer needs to recognise your message. We will therefore test existing initiatives against the story we are developing together.

Is your agency big enough?

Professionalism has nothing to do with the size of a company. Whatever your role in the insurance world, the customer expects an increasingly digital approach. By starting at the front, you can quickly achieve results. And with those results, you can continue to build on the internal processes later.

Will professional online performance cost a lot of money?

A modern approach first of all requires attention to your own story. And this must be translated into a complete approach. This will certainly take time. But by doing this in small steps, you build a steady path where growth or savings contribute to further improvements.

This will be one of your best investments. It is our experience that the costs incurred will pay for themselves within two years. And what’s more, thanks to our online approach, you can also start digitising internal processes. And if that is not enough:

Not exceptionally satisfied: you get your investment back immediately. No questions asked!

What does this approach cost?

For the complete development of a proposition for an insurance agency, a standard marketing agency easily charges €10,000. Because we work with a proven method, we can develop the story for €2.470. This includes a clear elaboration of all the building blocks for a successful website, and the steps for a sales funnel. Follow-up projects are calculated on the basis of customisation. We always make a custom-made quote for this.

How does our guarantee work?

Our approach has proven itself many times over. Your investment in this area will easily pay for itself. But if it does not bring you what you expected, then the rule is: 

“Not satisfied: money back!”

Where we book results

Employees commitment
Digital Flows
- I now book new customers 24 hours a day.
- We have acquired a recognisable face offline and online.
- Great! New business is rolling into our back office automatically..