Small Businesses Protection against Data Breaches

Cybersecurity specialist MyDigitalShield and Assurant will team up to help protect small businesses against losses from data breaches.

Assurant will provide support for MyDigitalShield’s data breach guarantee, accompanying MDS’ cybersecurity technology protecting small businesses against the costs associated with data and system restoration, customer disclosures and other expenses in the event of a data breach.

“Cybersecurity is a large concern for small businesses,” said John Frobose, senior vice president of Assurant. “Small businesses typically don’t have the IT resources or the working capital of large corporations, yet they face a serious threat to their sustainability if a data breach occurs.”

Frobose continued, “We’re working with MyDigitalShield to back its data breach guarantee with its cybersecurity technology, helping protect small businesses from both hackers and the potential, resulting financial losses.”

“Together with Assurant, we’ve developed a full-service solution to one of the real pain points for a small business today,” said Andrew Bagrin, CEO, MyDigitalShield. “Our multi-layered security filters and protects data traffic through any gateway, blocking threats and malware. Assurant brings an important, added layer of financial protection in support of our data breach guarantee, helping us to make our clients whole in the unlikely event that a breach does occur.”

In addition to losses from data restoration, the MyDigitalShield guarantee includes data re-creation and related public relations costs incurred by the business.

The initiative with MyDigitalShield is the latest technology-based innovation in risk management from Assurant, which also safeguards millions of electronics owners, car- and home-sharing customers, and small package shippers.

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