Client Type: Retail


Retail has a far stronger communication power than the insurance industry, and selling insurance can be a very beneficial addition to the total product portfolio.

Many lines of insurance are offered through retail outlets. Some retailers offer credit protection or extended warranties as an addition to other sales. Other retailers offer a whole range of insurance for all the needs of their clients, while again others offer custom-made insurances sold only through ‘outbound’ marketing. Whatever the market or circumstances of your clients, Bengrip can develop an insurance program that fits with your strategy. We have all the means to build a superb program, and we can even intergrate the required administrative systems into your daily operation if so required.

Offering an insurance solution to your clients or card holders, can provide the following benefits:

  • income
  • increased loyalty
  • prolonged customer relationship
  • positive brand awareness
  • more knowledge about your customer base

Let us help you in creating and promoting appreciated benefits to your clients. Please contact us for more information.


See below for some examples of retailer programs:

Insurance Sales thru S.-Korean Home Shopping TV Channel

Aegon Insurance thru Chinese Online Shopping Mall

Aviva to provide Life Insurance for Tesco

Junction continues with M&S Money

Aegon provider Dutch retailer Kruidvat

Insurance in Italian Supermarket

Casino chooses Groupama to develop non-life insurance products in France

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