Training and Education

Training and Education

Creating and managing successful insurance programs requires knowledge and skills. Growth in this area requires a clear strategy. Bengrip is the only provider of dedicated Group Insurance training. We provide training to those who are already in the industry, and to those that are new.

Strategy support

For those already in the business, Bengrip ’s Training and Education Team is there to support you and your organization. It has efficient means to communicate and train your Group Insurance Strategy to your staff. We will use the latest technology to inform and train all involved.

  • How will you be growing?
  • What should a sales pitch look like?
  • Who are the key decision makers?
  • When to accept or build a program?
  • How to calculate the true rate of return of a program?

Business definition

If you consider developing Group Insurance Programs, Bengrip can train you and your staff. Either in a live session, or through different forms of media, we can teach you all important variables, and how to organize for success.

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