Group Insurance Consulting

Group Insurance Consulting

As Group Insurance Program Specialists we can support you in all elements of the development, management or testing.

Organizational and strategical aspects

  • developing a growth strategy for your Group Insurance business
  • training your staff
  • researching growth areas for your company
  • providing sales support, both in people, and in content

Pre-launch services

  • business plan building
  • calculating potential
  • responding to an RFP or tender
  • creating an RFP or tender
  • researching appropriate service providers
  • designing the marketing
  • developing the test cases

Program Management Services

  • assessing existing programs
  • measuring and evaluating current results
  • finding different providers
  • changing the insurance portfolio to a different insurance carrier
  • outsourcing the administrative tasks

Dedicated specialties

  • marketing for general insurance programs
  • efficient placement and administration of existing insurance portfolios
  • strategy development for insurance products per industry

Bengrip’s Group Insurance Consulting will create results. You can always ask our opinion. No obligations!