Products and services

Products and Services

Bengrip offers four different but complementing services:

Complete Insurance Program Set-up

Complete Insurance Program Set-up and Management is the leading service for Bengrip. It includes developing custom made insurance programs for our partners. If our partner likes the program proposal Bengrip will work with various insurance carriers to find the best pricing. Bengrip will also look at the proper administrative requirements, and will make sure it meets all legal requirements. Once insurance is being sold, programs can be extended with other products and services.

Group Insurance Consulting

Group Insurance Consulting helps our partners, insurance carriers and brokers in the development of Group Insurance Programs.
It offers temporary support and capacity.

Existing Program Assessment

Existing program assessment offers the possibility to do a very transparent analysis of an existing insurance program. Whether you are an insurance company, a broker, or an endorsing partner, assessing an existing program lets you evaluate the quality of your existing program. Using the Bengrip Insurance Program Assessment ™ tools, areas of improvement will easily present itself.

Training and Education

Our Training and Education Services support large carriers and brokers, focussed primarily on two issues:

  • educating (new) employees in all aspects of building beneficial group insurance programs;
  • explaining client-facing employees and other stake holders the possible benefits of Group Insurance Programs, and teaching them the selling process.

Bengrip has dedicated and powerful tools that illustrate the benefits of Group Insurance Programs. These are ideal tools for education and training, as they can show possible results immediately after an interactive session.