Client Type: Not-for-profit Associations


Welfare, sports, and other not-for-profit associations show a growing interest in the provision of insurance to their members. They seek to leverage their buying power to procure favourable deals for their members. The favourable risk characteristics of the members often make them attractive as potential customers to insurance institutions.

Associations can offer insurance that is intrinsically linked to the activity of the association itself. A health or travel insurance fits very well with a skiing association, as would a motor cycle insurance for the motor cycle association. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity and need to offer more insurance as members often appreciate the efforts of their association.

Bengrip supports associations. We can develop new insurance programs after carefully analyzing the needs of your members. We can also analyze your existing insurance programs to see if you have fully leveraged your buying power, and are effectively promoting it to your members. (Click here for more information about our Existing Program Assessment)

Let us help you in creating and promoting appreciated benefits to your members. Please contact us for more information.

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created insurance benefits for a sports association.

- insurance benefits for retirees

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