Insurance thru German Associations

AXA now offers both business and private insurance through business associations in Germany.

AXA and the nationwide business associations – Die Familienunternehmer – ASU and Die Jungen Unternehmer – BJU – have been working together on insurance issues since the start of October 2011. Member companies of both organisations can benefit by working with AXA to get comprehensive advice and tailored insurance for their company's specific risks, plus cover for themselves, their employees and their family. AXA will also inform members of the associations about current trends in the insurance sector through events and seminars, such as occupational pensions and healthcare, that are important to companies for the retention of skilled workers.

Die Familienunternehmer – ASU was founded in 1949 and is based in Berlin. All entrepreneurs over 40 owning a company with at least ten employees or EUR 1 million in annual turnover are eligible to join. There are currently 5,000 individual members who employ a total of 1.7 million people. Meanwhile, Die jungen Unternehmer – BJU is a partner association of Die Familienunternehmer – ASU. Founded in 1950 and also based in Berlin, members are all entrepreneurs under 40 owning companies with the same staffing and financial characteristics as those of the other organisation. There are currently about 1,500 individual members of Die jungen Unternehmer – BJU.

Click here for more information about this "Versicherungsschutz" in German.

Click here for more information about insurance for the members of Business Associations.


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