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Protecting health of Insurance Programs

Programs can now be monitored real-time through smartphone

IPPD-TabletTo remain healthy, Insurance Programs need to be monitored and managed continuously. Only then can the financial ratios be protected, and can service levels be guaranteed. A graphic monitoring system can now be provided on smartphones. This Insurance Program Performance Dashboard TM (IPPD), with real-time data, provides the best view on program developments. Steps can be taken as soon as results tend to move into the wrong direction. It is the latest possibility now offered only by Bengrip.

Insurance is all about numbers. Being able to monitor these numbers while the program matures means that growth can be steered in the right direction. This helps to prevent a necessary premium raise, for example. But it can also point towards unforeseen obstacles, like lacking service or an incomplete application process. Many examples can show the benefits of a real-time monitoring device. And with today's technology on smartphones and tablets, insurance programs can be monitored anytime, anywhere.

The Insurance Program Performance Dashboard TM:

  • Your business performance always and everywhere at your fingertips.
  • Latest results always visible; continuous access to performance graphs irrespective of location.
  • Focused attention to specific indicators based on smart set-up of graphs.
  • Key indicators always monitored through dedicated graphs for specific user groups.
  • Drill down/up functionality to quickly assess the graphs presented.
  • Develop your own dashboard based on data experience.
  • Easy to implement and adjust dashboards to maintain an efficient usage.
  • Very affordable based on a pay per use principle.

Click here for some example cases in which the use of the IPPD was beneficial.

The IPPD is a unique software tool, developed to translate data into meaningful graphs on smartphones and tablets. This software allows a user to create their own graphs and integrate native functionality of the smartphone and tablet like swiping for browsing the graphs. This makes the tool very powerful as it is very simple to navigate. Graphs can be adjusted or developed to specific needs. The software is running on a dedicated server connected to the internet using a VPN tunneling mechanism to transmit the data to the handheld device when using wifi or by GSM connection. This will ensure data protection at all times.

Who benefits most from the IPPD?

  • Program managers
  • Marketers
  • Actuaries
  • Service managers
  • Shared Service managers
  • Call Center Managers

How to set up the system for your organization?

Call-center-monitoring-2The actual process to have this system up and running is straight forward:

  1. In a combined effort experts of your company and Bengrip will evaluate the initial dashboards needed and associated data sources.
  2. Bengrip will provide a proposal for the implementation and operation of the system.
  3. Upon contract signature Bengrip will form a joint project team to execute the project.
  4. As a rule of thumb implementation should take no more than two months.

The source of the IPPD is a specific software product which can be used in any given situation where numeric data needs to be transformed into graphical data on mobile devices. Therefor Bengrip can assist in implementation projects outside the scope of insurance programs.

Do you want to be on top of your business? Contact us to learn more about the IPPD.



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