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Cloud Computing in Affinity

Cloud Computing is beyond the hype stage. Large insurance companies in particular can benefit from the advantages of "the cloud" while smaller carriers may benefit from a short transition cycle.

The traditional benefits applicable to these carriers like cost benefits, time to market reduction and scalability in capacity are complemented for the affinity business model with marketing and sales capabilities specifically addressing the requirements of the affinity sponsor and the end consumer. In this respect the seamless integration of the marketing and sales process with the fulfillment process provides the following additional benefits:

  • Advanced CRM and one to one marketing capabilities using the sponsor in accessing the target group
  • A flexible distinction between web and mobile based functionality versus core functionality enabling custom build propositions for sponsors and their members/clients
  • More easy social media integration generating a spin off added value to the sponsor

Marketing capabilities provided in a cloud environment assist the affinity sponsor to integrate its activities in its day to day operating model addressing its members and clients. At the same time the architecture will allow for a straight through processing capability to the back-office operation for the insurance proposition offered, but often operated by a third party.

The flexibility in the architecture will allow designers to accommodate the function in the system environment in such a way that this will suit clients' needs best. For example a premium calculation function can be stored in the web layer instead of the back-end administration system putting significantly different performance and scalability requirements to the IT environment.

A major benefit for the client is to include social media integration based on a cloud architecture. This will provide the capability to create a custom integration while using readily available components.

Bengrip's IT strategy in its role as the orchestrator of full group insurance programs is based on using the benefits of cloud services in the interest of the sponsor maintaining a continuous low cost, high quality and robust environment. This best of breed approach is key to the success of the group insurance program execution.


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 Rotterdam, December 12, 2011

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