Client Type: Insurance Carrier

Whether or not you have all the administrative capabilities, Group Insurance Programs can provide a steady, predictable, and profitable addition to your risk portfolio. A well developed insurance program lets you attract an interesting group of insured items or people, and provides the means to attract only the ‘better’ risks. It should produce a high rate of return.

Bengrip can support you in many ways to develop profitable group insurance programs.


  • Development of your Group Insurance growth strategy.
  • Development of a program for specific groups.
  • Assessing existing programs.
  • Evaluation of outsourcing requests.


  • Increased sales and marketing on existing program.
  • Education and training for your staff.


  • Support when answering an RFP.
  • Analysing your administrative requirements.

Bengrip is the global group insurance specialist. Let us help you in making it a successful addition to your portfolio. Please contact us for more information.

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