Client Type: Insurance Broker

Most insurance brokers come across clients and ideas that warrant a group insurance program. As they also have strong relationships with insurance carriers, brokers often try and launch programs, but subsequently struggle to organize and manage these programs. Brokers are organized around an one-on-one relationship with their clients. Risk assessments and insurance solutions are developed on a custom-made basis. Efficiency, and standardized solutions – crucial to successful group insurance programs - are not a part of your culture. Hence, insurance programs will always receive less than required attention or produce below possible efficiency levels..

Bengrip is the global specialist in Group Insurance Programs. We can support you in the many challenges of setting up and managing programs. Some examples are:


  • Development of your Group Insurance growth strategy.
  • Development of a program for specific groups.
  • Assessing existing programs.
  • Evaluation of outsourcing requests.


  • Increased sales and marketing on existing program.
  • Education and training for your staff.


  • Support when answering an RFP.
  • Analysing your administrative requirements.

Bengrip is the global group insurance specialist. Let us help you in making it a successful addition to your portfolio. Please contact us for more information.

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