Innovation in Health Insurance Germany

New developments in the digital and mobile healthcare arena where Germany-based Friendsurance has joined forces with a Munichbased insurtech firm, Ottonova. It provides private health insurance via a digital platform. The tie means that customers of Friendsurance can benefit from Ottonova’s offerings which range from a 24-hour health concierge service to digital medical consultations and patient reviews. In return, Ottonova’s customers can participate in Friendsurance’s P2P insurance model, wherein individuals with a common background or interest join together in groups, bear each other’s costs in the event of a claim, and receive premium refunds at the end of each year if total claims remain below a set threshold.

Increasingly more insurtechs and technology-based innitiatives are entering the insurance market, creating new opportunities in existing markets. If you like to assess what technology can do for your proposition, contact Bengrip.