Existing Program Assessment

Existing Program Assessment

Bengrip has the experience and tools to assess existing programs. It will look at possibilities to increase the effectiveness of programs through increased sales, as various aspects influence the sales levels. It will also look at the efficiency of programs by assessing the administrative organization, the risk levels of the targeted group, and proper price-setting based on claims ratios.

We will use our Bengrip Insurance Program Assessment ™ tool which will provide a transparent insight into the performance of your program. To illustrate the power of this tool, we have included a simplified version below. You can change all variables to see the effect on the outcome.

Why not assess your current program? It will definitely show you areas for improvement, and it lets you decide what to do with them.
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This is a demonstration version of the Bengrip Insurance Program Assessment ™ tool which can provide a transparent insight into the performance of an insurance program. To use it, simply change any of the dials or sliders, or change values by adding the right amount. You will immediately see the effects in the end results. In this demonstration version, the Return on Investment (ROI) is based on the total commission income, minus investments and costs. In most cases the tool shows the Net Present Value (Npv), which is a total amount adjusted for the cost of capital.

This tool is for demonstration purposes only. For the actual assessment of your program, Bengrip will use different tools, that will show a more in-depth analysis. See some examples below.

Bengrip Insurance Program Assessment™ Tool for brokers:

 Bengrip Insurance Program Assessment™ Tool for non-life carriers:

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