Complete Insurance Program Set-up

Complete Insurance Program Set-up

Bengrip is the global leader in the development and management of beneficial group insurance programs. We can provide all services required to launch and run a successful program, or we provide any one of the elements separately. You can choose between a turn-key solution or support on some parts of the total chain.

The development of beneficial group insurance programs can be divided into the following steps:

  • Determining the needs of the partner and its clients or members.
  • Developing a group insurance concept.
  • Testing the financial validity of the proposal.
  • Finding the right providers for the concept.
  • Testing the concept with the clients or members.
  • Launching the program.
  • Managing the program.
  • Adjusting the program to received feedback.
  • Perform steps to reach the maximum effectiveness of a program.
  • Add new products or programs to the service portfolio of the partner.

All steps require different skills, but the same creativity and experience to overcome the inevitable hurdles. Furthermore, as this involves financial products, a high level of legal support is needed in each step.

Bengrip will develop insurance programs that will benefit all parties involved. This will require research of our partner and its clients or members. Bengrip has the tools to make this process very transparent. This helps in convincing all decision makers, and gives a clear projection of the possible outcomes.

Bengrip does not charge for the development of a program, but is only remunerated if the program is successful. This is our proof to our partner that we indeed aim at partnership and creating something that is beneficial both in the short and long term.

If you are interested in developing a group insurance program for your organisation, feel free to contact us. No obligations!