Client Type: Consumer Electronics

There are many ways that consumers can benefit from insurance related to consumer electronics. If your client buys on credit, why not offer Credit Protection? In case something happens to the buyer, he or she is not troubled by an outstanding debt. Insurance can also cover extended warranty, or many other issues.

Several insurance programs are developed to stimulate sales. For example, in case of an international sports event, a promotion can be developed that offers the purchase for free in case the national team wins. But in many cases insurance is just a logical addition to the purchase of an expensive item. Computer sales for example, paid in cash or leased, can be offered with an insurance included.

If you are selling consumer goods, Bengrip can help you to create extra benefits for your clients. Please contact us for more information.


See here for just an example in the Consumer Electronics Arena:

HomeServe to insure Dyson vacuum cleaner customers

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