Client Type: Banking and Financial

Many banks and other financial companies do not yet complete their product portfolio with insurances. Bengrip can show you how to successfully develop an array of insurance products dedicated to your clients. Even, or especially, when you have your own insurance company.

Banks and Insurance companies often have a hard time working together as they come from different cultures. Where customers often go to banks directly, insurance needs to be pushed. Therefore, most banks find it hard to make a success out of insurance sales as it seems to work so differently. Bengrip can successfully develop a range of insurance programs that makes a perfect match with your customers.

If you are in the Financial Industry, but feel that sales of insurance can be increased , Bengrip can help you to create extra benefits for your clients. Let us help you in making it a successful addition to your portfolio. Please contact us for more information.


Recent example of a beneficial insurance programs in the financial industry:

Insurance through French student payment card

Online brokerage Banco Santander

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