Client Type: Automotive

In the automotive industry various client types can benefit from insurance programs. Some examples:

  • dealers
  • truck drivers
  • small transportation companies
  • car buyers
  • etc

AutomotiveDealers can benefit in many ways from insurance programs offered by the car manufacturer. Programs directed to the dealers can provide financial benefits, and can enhance the loyalty towards the car manufacturer.

Manufacturers can also provide unique benefits to - for example - Truck Drivers. Specialized insurance for truck drivers can provide security for issues that only truck drivers encounter, both nationally and internationally. It can also enhance the loyalty of the driver towards a specific brand.

Small transportation companies need to be financially smart to make all ends meet. A trucks manufacturer can support its clients by offering specialized financial products which include lease and insurance.

Car buyers need to arrange their insurance and the best time to do this is at the time of purchase. But car sales can be stimulated if extra security is added to the purchase. Some insurance programs offer the option to return the car if the buyer looses his job in the first three months. Several programs exist that can enhance car sales.

If you are in the Automotive Industry, Bengrip can help you to create extra benefits for your clients. Let us help you in making it a successful addition to your portfolio. Please contact us for more information.


Some examples of insurance programs in the automotive industry:

VW Insurance promotes dealers

Honda Motor to offer AXA insurance

Honda and Kia choose motor insurance through Equity Direct Broking

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